Global Rowing Challenge Para Regatta

Presented by Rowers Choice, in Partnership with Athletes Without Limits and PARA Rowing Foundation

2021 Global Rowing Challenge PARA REGATTA.


Welcome to the Rowers’ Choice Virtual Global Challenge 2021!  
There is a lot of important information below. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY!

We are looking for para rowers and future para rowers who seek a race for tough competition, prizes and fun!


The competition rules apply only to the Rower Choice Global Virtual Challenge of 2021. 

This is not a US Rowing, FISA or VIRTUS sanctioned event. You do not need official classification/eligibility to race!

Please see Rower’s Choice Global Challenge details BELOW for details on races schedules and distances. 

The rules of this competition are adapted from USRowing’s rules and standards with consideration made for upcoming US Rowing rule changes being voted upon and recent confirmed FISA & VIRTUS rule changes.

All athletes must register on Regatta Central by 1/14/2021 at 11:59pm EDT.  [Click for link]

All athletes must submit a seeding race of 750 meter submitted by 1/14/2021 EDT.  Submit time here. 

This 750 meter submission must be recorded (phone or camera) from start to finish from a side view with the entire erg and athlete in view and uploaded to the DROPBOX folder that will be provided upon registration.  The Para Rowing Advisors will view and contact any athlete if there are questions regarding proper category placement to insure fair brackets for the event.


All para rowers of all abilities are welcome to compete.  Every rower can compete to see where their time ranks. How thrilling is that!

This competition will have PR1, PR2 and PR3. One male and one female from PR1, PR2 and PR3 are eligible for prizes. For this event sub categories have been assigned to a PARA GROUP.  Each PARA GROUP will compete for first, second and third prize if there are more than 4 entries within that PARA GROUP.


If there are less than 4 entries within a para group only first prize will be awarded.

If there are 5-12 entries in a para group, first and second will be awarded.

If there are 12+ entries in a para group, first, second and third will be awarded.

(as with all events, the prize will vary based on entries, sponsorship at the discretion of Rowers Choice.)


[Different Brackets in tournament.  There are separate Mens and Womens brackets in each group.]

Please note that within PARA GROUPS there may be multiple subcategories.  The fastest in each will be acknowledged by the regatta coordinators via social media post. 







         PR3-VI (Visual Impairment)

         PR3-AK (Above Knee Amputee)

         PR3-SA (Single Arm Amputee)



         PR3-II1 (Intellectual Impairment)


         PR3-II2 (Downs Syndrome)



         PR3-II3 (Autism)



          PR3-GD (Generic Dwarfism)



If you already have a FISA International or U.S. classification, use this to register for the appropriate race class. 

Some para athletes may be new to the sport of erg racing so we are providing some guidelines for you to jump into the competition. Para athletes can read below for assistance in participating in an appropriate race class.

Athletes Without Limits and Para Rowing Foundation are happy to assist with any questions regarding the rules and race classes. Please contact the Global Challenge Para-Racing Advisors and Co-Coordinators, Patrick Johnson & Marilyn Koblan for any assistance:   or

FISA has created an online tool to help potential para athletes determine their eligibility for para rowing and to give an indication of what sport class they may be eligible for. The online tool is available here:



Rowers Choice 2021 Global Rowers Challenge-Para Sports Class Guidelines

PR1 (AS): Arms and Shoulders - Rowers who use their arms and shoulders only. Rowers use strapping around their midsection to provide support and stability. 


PR2 (TA): Trunk and Arms - Rowers who have trunk and arm movement, who are unable to use their legs to propel the sliding seat. 


PR3 (PD/LTA): Physical Disability/Legs, Trunk and Arms and/or VI - Rowers who have the use of their legs, trunk and arms, who can utilize the sliding seat. Rowers may have a physical or visual impairment. 


PR3 (AK): Single Leg or Above Knee Amputee - Rowers who have the use of their single leg, trunk and arms, who can utilize the sliding seat. May wear prosthetic limb. 


PR3 (SA): Single Arm - Rowers who have the use of their single arm/hand and trunk, who can utilize the sliding seat. 


PR3 (VI): allocated to Rowers based on their visual acuity to the standards set by the IBSA. 

         PR3-VI1 (formerly LTA-B1)

PR3-VI2 (formerly LTA-B2)

PR3-VI3 (formally LTA-B3)


PR3 (II): Intellectual Impairment - Rowers who meet the eligibility/classification requirements set by VIRTUS and managed domestically by Athletes Without Limits ( and Internationally by VIRTUS ( 


PR3 (II-1): Legs, Trunk & Arms (Intellectual Impairment) 

1. IQ of 75 or below (Weschler/WISC/WAIS, Stanford-Binet or Raven) 

2. Significant limitations in Adaptive Behavior (Vineland, ABAS or Other) 

3. Onset before age 18 

4. Those with Mosaic Down Syndrome diagnosis 


PR3 (II-2): Legs, Trunk & Arms (Down Syndrome) 

  1. Diagnosis of Down Syndrome including type (Trisomy 21 or Translocation Down Symdrome) 


PR3 (II-3): Legs, Trunk & Arms (Autism) 

1. A formal diagnosis of Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Asperger’s syndrome carried out by a qualified practitioner using accepted diagnostic techniques. 

2. Does not meet IQ or Adaptive criteria for Intellectual Disability Class above (for example IQ is over 75). 


PR3 (MIL/VET): Legs, Trunk & Arms Active Duty or Retired Military (Veteran) with an overall VA Disability Rating of 30% or greater. Recovering Service Members (RSM) who have not received a VA Rating yet can provide a Command Verification Letter from their Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) or Service Lead. *Athletes with a FISA International or U.S. classification should use this to register for the appropriate race class.




The nomenclature including the subcategory designation must always be included no matter how awards are distributed. 

As long as the subcategories are carried through to the race results, they can then be incorporated into the Concept2 World Rankings within their respective subcategories as well as their overall PR3 status, creating the very valuable performance comparison data sorted by the more specific subcategories. This can all be done independently no matter how the race organizers decide to award results (by compressing the categories to overall as in the above example or by awarding the specific subcategory as an independent event).

We want to know who is the FASTEST athlete on the rowing machine.

It is really simple.

Here are the important CategoriesDetails, Dates and Distances.

This event is coordinated by and in partnership with :

Patrick L. Johnson, Athletes Without Limits (AWL) Para-Racing Advisor and  Regatta Co-Coordinator; 

Marilyn Koblan, Para Rowing Foundation (PRF) Para-Racing Advisor and  Regatta Co-Coordinator


1. Register on RegattaCentral.

2. Row 750m as fast as you can.

3. Submit your 750m time to get seeded.

4. Complete weekly races.

5. Win races to win money.


Jan 14, 2021 - Registration Closes at 11:59pm PST.

Jan 21, 2021 - 11:59pm PST -  Time trial times must be submitted.

Jan 28, 2021 - 11:59pm PST - Round of 32 times must be submitted.

Feb 4, 2021 - 11:59pm PST - Round of 16 times must be submitted.

Feb 11, 2021 - 11:59pm PST - Round of 8 times must be submitted.

Feb 18, 2021 - 11:59pm PST - Fastest 4 times must be submitted.

Feb 25, 2021 - 11:59pm PST - Championship times must be submitted.

Different Distances Every Round

- Week of Jan 18 - Time Trial Distance = 750m

- Week of Jan 25 - Round of 32 = 350m

- Week of Feb 1 - Round of 16 = 1:00min

- Week of Feb 8 - Round of 8 = 1000m

- Week of Feb 15 - Round of 4 = 500m

- Week of Feb 22 - Championship = 2000m

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Baltimore, MD 21223