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Rowers Choice

Rower’s Choice is a consortium of Finish Line Rowing, Pocock Racing and the Premier Rowing League. 

The newly formed group offers a range of complimentary products and services:

  • New Pocock racing shells with the renowned reputation for speed, stiffness and durability;

  • Used boats of all makes and sizes through Finish Line Rowing;

  • Repair and/or Refurbishment programs again through Finish Line Rowing.

  • World Class competitive racing through the Premier Rowing League and Global Rowing Challenge.

The company mission is to be the world’s leading producers of rowing products and services. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our wide range of offerings we seek to provide the sport of rowing with the opportunity to maximize talent and speed with the most responsive, innovative, and reliable rowing products in the world.

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Finish Line Shell Repair

Conceived in 2012 and founded in 2013, Finish Line Rowing was founded on the idea of being something more than just boat repairs. Alex Del Sordo, Finish Line’s founder, believed that rowers needed a repair shop that was run by people still actively involved in the sport.


Finish Line Shell Repair offers full boat repair and refurbishing services.

Now operating in a 23,000 squarefoot building, Finish Line has the capacity of 100 boats at any given time.

Since 2016, Finish Line has averaged more than 330 repairs and refurbishments per year!

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Pocock Racing Shells

Announced January 2021, Rowers Choice and Pocock Racing Shells are proud partners.  

A superior boat design 110 years in the making, there is literally no other boat that should be considered first.


Pocock Racing Shells was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1911 and has been an integral part of nearly 100 years of American rowing. The roots of the company go back even further, starting in the 1800s with the Pocock family in their native England.  

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Rowers Choice Athletes

We are very proud of the athletes that represent our sport.  In response to the NCAA and NIL changes, we are pleased to annouce our incredible team of Rowers Choice Athletes.

These athletes exemplify what it means to be a college athlete representing rowing to the masses.


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Premier Rowing League

Launched in fall of 2020 during the covid pandemic, the Premier Rowing League is a 10 team league that combines Rowers and Crossfitters from around the country, competing in a variety of distances.  


Season 1 crowned the Midwest Frozen Tundra as league champion!

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Global Rowing Challenge

This is not your normal rowing challenge.

Started in 2020, the Global Rowing Challenge is a head to head battle, featuring up to 6 rounds, of different distances that lead to a cash prize!

Over two years [2020, 2021], the Global Rowing Challenge has seen more than 3,000 participants, men, women, age 15 to 79, Para, and non-Para race for their chance to stand alone at the top.

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