January 15, 2021

Rowers Choice CEO, Alex DelSordo, Leaves Resolute and Sykes USA; begins Partnership with Pocock Racing Shells


Baltimore, MD – Alex DelSordo is leaving Resolute and Sykes USA operations to begin a new partnership with Pocock Racing Shells out of Everett, WA.

In April 2019, DelSordo became part owner and operator of Resolute Racing Shells and Sykes USA under the Rowers Choice management company. During that time, the business underwent several changes including a redesign of the Resolute 8+ and consolidation of processes. At the end of 2020, the partners of Rowers Choice decided to split up the company to focus on other endeavors. Alex DelSordo maintains ownership of Finish Line Shell Repair and the Rowers Choice Brand.

“I learned so much about the boat building process while overseeing operations at Resolute. It is an incredible brand, and I will cherish the time I spent redesigning the eight and working alongside with everyone at the factory,” said Alex DelSordo.

Beginning January 2020, Alex DelSordo and the Rowers Choice team will begin a new partnership with Pocock Racing Shells. Rowers Choice will act as the marketing and brand management for Pocock, collaborating on the growth of the brand and business.

“I’ve always envisioned John as a great leader and mentor and have always loved the Pocock Brand. I am really excited to spend the future with him and engage the rowing community in a whole new way. This new partnership is bringing me new energy for the sport I love so much,” said Alex DelSordo.

"I am excited to start this new chapter with Alex and his team! For 110 years Pocock has been a fixture in the rowing world, and teaming with Rowers Choice will allow us to expand our brand further still. If I have learned anything over the last 6 months, it's that society would be better off if more of us found rowing, and this new partnership will do just that. Alex's energy and hustle knows no bounds, and I am truly excited to see where we can go together," said John Tytus.


More news about the partnership will be announced in the coming months.


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