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Rowers Choice Collaborates with Chester Composites of The U.K. To Expand Global Reach

On November 22nd, 2019 Rowers Choice agreed to appoint Chester Composites of Cheshire, United Kingdom as a distributor of the full portfolio of Rowers Choice products in the United Kingdom.

Chester Composites was formed in 2013 with a mission to deliver high quality repair services at competitive prices.

“It is our goal to expand our global reach and connect with more rowers around the world, learning from experiences to make the sport stronger. We want to keep innovating and supporting teams around the world,” said Alex DelSordo. “

Chester Composites is the perfect group to represent the Rowers Choice brand and growing product line in the United Kingdom.”

Chester Composites will become a distributor of Resolute and Sykes boats in the U.K. Since 2013, they have serviced the northern half of the country focusing on repairs and refurbishments. They recently moved to a 10,000 sq ft facility and expanded their footprint to reach all the U.K.

"Collaborating with Rowers Choice is going to allow us to share experiences from around the rowing world," said Oliver Cocklin "and allow us to distribute great products that will really make an impact in the UK rowing market."

Click here to learn more about Rowers Choice and Chester Composites.

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