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Rowers Choice Consolidates Three Respected Brands to Transform Rowing Marketplace

Rowers Choice, a consortium of Sykes Racing and Finish Line Rowing, has acquired the assets of Resolute Racing Ltd. effective Monday June 14th, 2019.

As of that date, Rowers Choice has assumed full responsibility for the management and operations of three separate rowing entities - Resolute Racing, Sykes USA,and Finish Line Rowing. Alex DelSordo has been appointed President of Rowers Choice.

“I am honored to be appointed to lead and manage the growth of these three great brands under the Rowers Choice umbrella”, said Alex DelSordo. “The opportunity to grow the great renowned Resolute Racing brand into the future, as well as the consolidation of the incredible know-how, dedicated personnel, and management of the three organizations is definitely going to provide the North American rowing community with a significantly improved range of innovative products and services.”

The newly formed group offers a range of complimentary products and services as follows:

- New Resolute racing shells with the renowned reputation for speed, stiffness and durability; - New Sykes racing shells with a proven track record of speed, durability and all-round value; - Used boats of all makes and sizes through Finish Line Rowing; - Repair and/or Refurbishment programs again through Finish Line Rowing, and - Robust transport options on a regular delivery schedule.

A team of excellent sales people has been appointed to engage with customers and assist the North American rowing community with all their equipment needs.

More news about Rowers Choice will be announced in the coming months.

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